Welcome to the blog full of sweet goodness! Here you will find anything baked or sugar-filled to satisfy your sweet tooth and sinful cravings. From cakes to ice cream and cookies to candy, I hope this website, along with its stories/adventures, will entice you and transport you to the land of sweet treats that you can make and share with your loved ones.

Who am I?

Based in Sydney, Australia, I have been interested in cooking at a young age, particularly influenced from my Thai/Chinese background. I particularly like to explore new recipes and take on challenging ones, so that I could continue to improve in my baking/decorating skills. I am a girl who has many interests; cats, travelling, food, gaming, movies, shopping, reading and collecting cookbooks.

About the blog...

Cherry Choc Cupcake was created in early 2012 after many months of researching and reading food blogs on the web. My passion for baking fuelled my determination to start a blog of my own so that I could share my creations and food adventures...

A little bit more...

I am very passionate about photography and am currently in the process of purchasing a Canon 100D camera along with a food photography e-course from Minimalist Baker to improve the quality of the photos on my blog. Feel free to leave a comment on my blog!

Email me at cherrychoccupcake@gmail.com if you want to contact me about my recipes or my blog.

All writing, photography and content on Cherry Choc Cupcake is copyrighted and completely original unless stated otherwise. I would really appreciate it if you link back to the specific web page if you are to use any of my content on this blog.

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